No Mess Solutions

Irrigation Services

No-mess Irrigation Solutions

Irrigation installation that’s not messy.

Minimize damage to existing lawns landscapes and save time and money by employing us to install your system using underground attachments.

  • You’ll almost never know we’ve been there!
  • We can install without trenching so the project is almost totally invisible!
  • All pipe work is underground – no more unsightly mess, hoses or sprinklers lying around.
  • Enhance the value of your property using our professional Irrigation Services.
  • Protect your valuable trees and shrubs.
  • We offer an annual Warrant of Fitness Service.
  • All sprinklers are thoroughly checked.
  • Save water and be kind to your lawns and gardens by installing an automatic Toro irrigation system that irrigates at night. By giving plants a controlled amount of water you encourage strong roots.
  • Your time is precious, a Toro irrigation system takes the hard work out of a garden and leaves the benefits of continuous healthy, lush growth.

Best Irrigation Services is us!

Irrigation for existing lawns landscapes.

Save time and money by employing us to install your system using underground attachments.


No-mess for lifestyle blocks

No-mess for Residential

No-mess for Commercial

Agricultural Irrigation

We offer a wide range of systems to fit all farms and budgets. The result is increased returns for your farm. Allow us to show you the return on your investment on a system with a customised economic analysis for your place.

Horticultural Irrigation

We have a range of systems for the horticultural industry. Whether you own a small lifestyle block or you are a large commercial grower we have a system that is efficient, will meet your watering needs and will fit within your budget. From greenhouse irrigation and misting to drip systems for potatoes, frost protection systems for kiwifruit and cherry trees, sprinkler systems for nurseries, micro-irrigation systems for stone and pip fruit trees, drip systems for vineyards and olive groves and hydroponic and fertigation equipment.

Systems that are able to operate remotely from your smartphone mean you can adjust the flow at any time to suit the conditions, saving water and money and a built-in water system not only adds value to your property but they also work while you are way on holiday.

We have a range of smartphone controllers and rain sensors that can be fitted to most systems, allowing to have easy control from anywhere. If you want to save money and conserve water a good rain sensor is an affordable solution.

Heading into the cooler months is also a great time for maintenance on your systems after the hot summer. Some of the basic problems include clogged sprinklers; leaking sprinklers and valves; obstructed sprinklers; leaking/blocked solenoid valves; overspray onto footpaths, streets or buildings; design problems; missing nozzles or pipe leaks and breaks.

We specialise in system design, installation, and maintenance of systems. Our Preferred Supplier relationships mean that we use state of the state-of-the-art technology and high-quality products from trusted manufacturers from around the globe.

We can install the Best Water Solutions for commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural areas, delivering the most effective, and affordable solutions for all applications. No project is too big or too small.

Residential Irrigation

A offer a great range of Garden, lawn and turf systems, Lifestyle block systems and a wide range of garden watering systems at warehouse prices from quality brands; the Best Brands at the Best Prices. 

Looking for a reliable and affordable automated system for your home or garden in NZ? Freeman Irrigation has a wide range of Systems, Sprinklers & Timers.

Ask us about our wide range of garden watering systems at warehouse prices from quality brands for your place.