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Freeman Irrigation 2004 Ltd has been installing the Best Irrigation systems for over 20 years in Canterbury…

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Freeman Irrigation 2004 Ltd has been installing top quality professional and value-for-money Irrigation systems for the past 20 years in Canterbury. Occasionally we go further afield to Pegusus, Rangiora, Canterbury & the South Island. We use only use the best leading brands like Rainbird, Hunter and Toro. Additionally all of our staff have been working for us for over 10 years each. We can guarantee the most professional workmanship for 12 months and likewise on our products for 3-5 years.

We offer environmentally friendly ways to irrigate your lawns and gardens with the most economic water management solutions. Not to mention our experienced and professional staff can even set up your own mobile phone app. You can manage your very own irrigation system yourself. At last you can choose what you want to do whenever you want! Imagine controlling your very own home irrigation system from your phone, from anywhere, home or work, even from in front of the TV. We love helping clients achieve the best possible results at affordable prices.

New build sites, subdivisions, sports fields and parks are not a problem – we have quality Best Irrigation Services solutions for all your residential and commercial needs all at local affordable prices. Our Best Irrigation Services are second-to-none.

For advice or a free quote, we offer High-quality total irrigation services for Christchurch & Selwyn, Rangiora – Canterbury-wide.

Best Irrigation Services is us!

Best Irrigation Services in Rolleston, Selwyn & Canterbury is here.


Freeman Irrigation offers design, supply and installation of automated easy-to-use, quality Wi-Fi irrigation systems that can be programmed, automated and controlled remotely from your phone.

At Freeman Irrigation we choose to only install quality Best Irrigation Services. We are 100% committed to supply outstanding service to all our clients. Want the best possible water solutions?

Freeman Irrigation offer high value to all their clients. Offering the peace of mind in knowing they supply an exceptional maintenance service schedule for all their existing clients, and you if you book in now!. Receive a discounted service rate for the recommended annual/biannual maintenance check. Ensure all sprinklers & valves are operating to their maximum efficiency. Save water, time and money, save the environment, save the planet and most importantly, save time!

Client newsletters are sent out twice a year offering special deals on other services and industry news.

Over the past 20 years Freeman Irrigation have installed the best water solutions for commercial irrigation systems into a large number of high profile commercial properties. Clearwater Resort, Christchurch International Airport, The New Art Gallery, Rolleston Industrial Park, The Boulevard, Christchurch Golf Club, numerous parks, cemeteries, bowling clubs and a number of schools… the list goes on. As a result Freeman Irrigation offer the Best Irrigation Services and water solutions for local residential Cantabrians. Join us today!

We specialise in system design, installation, and maintenance of irrigation systems and reticulation systems. Our Preferred Supplier relationships mean that we use state of the state-of-the-art technology and high-quality products from trusted manufacturers from around the globe.

We can install the Best Irrigation Services for commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural areas, delivering the most effective, and affordable solutions for all applications. No project is too big or too small.

Best Irrigation Services is us!

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