Irrigation, Installation and Servicing

We offer a COMPLETE irrigation system, just sit back and let us do the hard work

  • Irrigation design, supply, installation and servicing Canterbury-wide
  • From a simple manual garden system to a fully automated subdivision systems run from your PC
  • Specialising in residential and lifestyle block systems
  • Pre-build, during or after your build, we can install anytime without all the trenching mess
  • Free site visit and consultation*
  • From Christchurch to Selwyn and Canterbury-wide click here to see more.

Now Everyone Can Afford A Quality Irrigation System.

Contact us today for design to installation all our products are suited to your needs, budget and environment.

We install all the leading brands to give you the best results and a hassel free operation…

  • Hunter, Toro and Rainbird automated pop-up lawn sprinklers
  • Hunter MP Rotator pop up lawn sprinkler for smaller and difficult lawn areas
  • Hunter Hydrowise and Orbit B-hyve Wi-Fi Controllers via an App on your smartphone
  • Hunter and Orbit BlueTooth battery controllers
  • Hydo PC Garden Dripline with in-built emitters
  • Rondeo micro garden mini sprinklers on stakes or galv risers

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Irrigation Installation – the NO MESS way

Choose a quality irrigation system that’s suited to your needs, budget and the environment.

  • We can install without trenching so the project is almost totally invisible and can be commissioned at any time you are ready.
  • All pipe work is underground – no more unsightly hoses and sprinklers lying around
  • Protect your valuable trees and shrubs
  • Enhance the value of your property
  • Save water and be kind to your lawns and gardens by installing an automatic irrigation system that irrigates at night.
  • By giving plants a controlled amount of water you encourage strong roots.
  • Our irrigation systems takes the hard work out of a garden and leaves the benefits of continuous healthy, lush growth.
  • Your time is precious, save time and money when you install one of our systems.
  • All sprinklers are thoroughly checked.
  • Through many years of experience we give you great advice and teach you how to use and program the automatic timer.
  • We offer an annual Warrant of Fitness Service.

Irrigation Servicing

A good system needs a good service for optimum results!

An annual WOF for an irrigation system.

Does your lawn have a brown patch resulting from wear and tear of older sprinklers?

Upgrade your controller from a manual system to an automated/Wi-Fi system run from your smartphone.

We service all the leading brands to give you the best results and a hassle free operation… making your life easy!

If you are in Canterbury, Christchurch or Selwyn, contact us today about anything irrigation wise.

For advice on upgrading, servicing or maintenance please click here.

Let us make Irrigation easy...

Easy irrigation automation and Wi-Fi controllers can be fitted to almost all systems or supplied new.

Sit back and relax, control your irrigation from the app on your phone and enjoy watching the garden grow.

Call us for a free quote – it is cheaper than you may think.